“In the course of a single day, I had made fourteen wonderful new friends ... the wealth of information available from the tutors is incredible” Anne, Wales

“Inspiring tutoring! ... everyone was friends with everyone” Vivienne, South Africa

“I love the course – I’ve never learnt so much in 5 days!” Alex, Isle of Man

“You have given me confidence, musically and technically.” Marina, South Africa

“I now know how to practise! Thanks for a most illuminating and restorative lesson. You really encouraged and enlightened me. All the listeners are willing the performing student to do well – there is sympathy and understanding by all to all.” Kay, Kent

“Fabulous – you have really helped me – I learned so much” Jeanne, USA

“The harp course was great fun – can I come again?” Helen, West Midlands

“I learnt such a lot in a very short time and I found it an enormous confidence booster" Emerald, UK

“A fabulous week ... thanks a lot for the whole warm and friendly atmosphere”
Angela, Germany

“The sheer amount of information and inspiration gained from this course would take weeks, if not months, to process”
Megan, Lancashire

“On this course I have made friends with people with the same love of the harp as I have, from all over the world.” Mary, UK

“The small size of the course gives some remarkable advantages: it seemed to facilitate the giving of more careful attention to each student.” Chihiro, Japan

“A happy, safe environment” Kathleen, Canada

"Very well organised” Jessica, France



How does this course compare to others you have attended?
The Ibacus harp course is of a higher standard and more professional, yet with a relaxing atmosphere.

This one had the most harp playing out of all the courses I have attended’

Better atmosphere.

This course has more opportunity for practice and is more individually focussed.

Ibacus has much more variety, fun and content.

Ibacus is more professional and more useful.

More is covered on this course.

I like the intensity of it.

This course is more focussed on the class lessons and I learnt a lot of important general things through that. The social contact was better too.

I feel that this timetable is better balanced and there were a lot of really useful things being taught, like performance walk-on tips and session secrets.

There was more focus on technique which was good.

What were your general observations?
Thank you for talking to me about my future options, it really cleared up a lot of things and helped me make choices.

It went so quickly that I wish it could last another week

A wonderful course. I feel equipped to learn and progress, and now I finally know how to practise! Inspiring teaching that managed to point out improvements without being demoralising.

A very good course that I would definitely suggest to others. A course I would attend again.

I learnt lots and had a fantastic time, so thanks!

The whole course was very inspiring and extremely useful. Thank you so much for a fantastic week. I have so much to take away with me, it has been great.